On 23rd January 2018 we, the class 7.2 and the class 7.4, went to Hamburg Airport. There we did English interviews in small groups of three or four students.

We prepared ourselves on Monday, 22nd January. The different groups worked on four topics: travelling, culture and origin, speaking English and jobs at the airport. We had the topic “jobs at the airport”, so we have interviewed some people there. We asked them questions about their job.

One of the people was a man who worked at the information desk. He told us that he likes his job. But some people can be annoying. His job is sometimes hard. He works since one year in this job. He works eight and a half hour daily. He has 15 co-workers. They all must wear special clothes. The workwear is a black and white suit.

Also he told English is very important in his job.

During the day we have interviewed a man who sells cards, a woman who rents cars, a woman who sells flowers, a man in a book shop, a stewardess and the man at the information desk.                                                        

Then we`ve got a quiz about the airport. The questions were ok. We found out many things, for example that about 60 planes departed from Hamburg  Airport that day.

The project was very nice even when some students were nervous. Interesting was that not all people speak English. We were surprised that many shops are there more than one time at the airport and that there is much advertising for the shops. And many products are very expensive!


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